Themed Summer Thermodynamics and Fall MakeCourse

Themed Summer Thermodynamics and Fall MakeCourse

Prospective Students!

The summer semester thermo class will be themed based on the hit NETFLIX original, Stranger Things!  You can expect the quizzes to follow the fascinating fan fiction story arc from week to week while the exams will be standard.  My classes offer very good TA support and a chance to buy a custom themed t-shirt at the conclusion.  Join the fun!

In Fall 2018, MakeCourse will be taught exclusively by me!  This is a super unique educational experience with NO quizzes, NO tests… and YOU tell US what you want to do!  Don’t believe me?  Just see for yourself at  .  MakeCourse was entirely developed by the amazing Dr. Rudy Schlaf of USF Department of Electrical Engineering.  He most graciously elected me to teach it while he is on sabbatical.  There are prizes, fun, and so much to learn.  Don’t think it’s a walk though the park though!  This is often regarded as one of the most challenging courses people take on!

So what are you waiting for?  Join the fun! (Registration info below)


Thermodynamics Summer 2018 EGN 3343  (CRN 52318)

Main Makecourse section for all USF Undergrads in Spring 2018:  EEL 4935 (CRN 10883​)
Makecourse section for USF Honors College students in Spring 2018:  IDH 2930 (CRN 24255​)
Makecourse section for non-EE USF Graduate Students in Spring 2018: EEL 6936 (CRN 

Note… rumors of me teaching Thermal Systems or Thermodynamics in FALL 2018 are LIES!!!  Get your info from better sources!