Engineer, Designer, Inventor, Teacher, Artist

About Me

This site came about as an offshoot of the original domain first purchased circa 2002.  It evolved into a personal interest page which supports and showcases some of my recreational and work activities.  I currently serve the State of Florida as the Senior Research Engineer for the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida.  I hold a doctor of philosophy in Chemical Engineering along with a bachelor of arts in Chemistry.  I am in the process of obtaining PE licensure in electronics in the state of PA (pending final examination).  I enjoy the creation and consumption of art, travel, cooking, marine reef husbandry, Latin dance, innovation, design, and teaching.  I manage an efficient team at USF which installs, updates, maintains, and repairs all technical equipment in The College.  On a weekly basis, I find myself doing AutoCAD design in 2D/3D, solid modeling, photo-realistic rendering, C programming and embedded systems development, instrumentation design, rapid prototyping, wood working, art projects, and much more.