Student Feedback From Fall 2019 – Thermodynamics BTTF

Student Feedback From Fall 2019 – Thermodynamics BTTF


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Course Comment:

please dont let certain people teach this very important and fundamental course, there is only a few educators who care about the students, and repeating this course is proof enough

Difficult class, everything connects to one other, and needs a to be approached properly or the material will not be really absorbed.

The class was not as hard as other students said it would be. I found it to be one of my easier courses this semester. I also found the material pretty interesting which helped too.

I love the creativity put in the class! The only suggestion I would give is for there to be fewer distractions. I know that personally when there was a lot of background noise on our quizzes this really distracted me and I had to work around them because I didn’t want to write on the pictures because it was hard to see what I was doing.

Very difficult class, the ideas and information presented in this class are new to most students which is why it if very difficult.

Good course.

I am biased about this class because the material was captivating with the help of Dr. Celestin. It was such a blast to learn thermodynamics and I couldn’t say anything negative about the class or material.

This course was helpful for me to understand thermodynamics and I learned a lot of interesting concepts, such as how the refrigerators and ACs work.


Difficult class, the right teacher that can keep you engaged is key.

As a student, I feel like the class needs more examples that are related to the following quizzes. I feel like answering questions at the beginning of the class takes a lot of class time, there is office hours for a reason. The extra help videos did help. The grading in the class was good, earning points by stating assumptions and work (math) helped me. I don’t know how to feel about exams multiple choices, I would prefer more work problems like filling the blanks problems.

The class is very organized. It requires the students to work on it a considerable amount every single week because of the quizzes, but it is not overwhelming. Also, studying every week for the quizzes makes us prepared to take the tests, so there is no need to stress over the midterms and final. I think this class was very interesting and it was a pleasure to take it this semester.

It is a difficult class but essential to engineering.


Great class.

Instructor Comment:

Dr. Celestin is the best Thermodynamics professor at USF and makes learning the material fun!

Great professor, always motivates the class and care about the students. Wish he taught more courses.

Very easy the most proficient and skilled educator in the college. I came to every lecture exited to learn, he used practice examples , not only that he goes above and beyond with supplemental material, files, videos, ect.. he makes learning engineering fun, something that appears to be forbidden at this place. Could you imagine if the staff was like him instead of being focused on their only priority : funding … I learned so much , i have regained the confidence to proceed with my education .

Always available to help students, active listener during class and quick responder to questions, fair professor overall and look at the perspective of both the student and professor.

The “Extra Help” videos he created for each of the homeworks were a lifesaver. Sometimes, taking what you see in class and applying it to questions can be difficult and unclear (especially some textbook questions), so having a resource to look at when you are stuck is very helpful. I think you should continue using these videos/making them for your future Thermo classes, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

One of the best professors I’ve ever had. Tried his hardest to make every lecture interesting and enjoyable. It always felt like he genuinely wanted us to have the best possible chance of succeeding. I think the only criticism I have is that sometimes it took quite a bit of time to get our exams/quizzes graded. This only happened a couple times in the semester though, so it may have just been unfortunate timing.

Hands down the best professor I’ve ever had. The demonstrations he does in class are both interesting and very helpful. He is seemingly always available to help students

calm down on those exams though.

One of the best professors I have had!

He is an ok teacher, but the structure of the class by the way he taught it was not very effective.

Amazing professor, cares for his students. Tests and quizzes are hard but fair.

Dr. Celestin is by far the best professor I have ever had in my entire college career. He is truly the best at what he does. He is clear in what he expects from the class, respectfully stern when necessary and passionate about teaching. He does short demos in class that demonstrate whatever topic we are learning. He really invests his time in his students and I can’t explain in words how wonderful he is. He made the class enjoyable and I think “themeing” the class is a genius idea because it keeps the class exciting. I learned so much this past semester and will hope that the professors I encounter after Dr. Celestin will be even half the professor he is. I will recommend him to any student that needs to take thermodynamics.

Dr. Celestin has made the subject of thermodynamics seem less daunting and even made it entertaining. I Wish he could teach more courses in my major.

I love your creative ways of giving us quizzes.

Dr. Celestin is a great and passionate professor. Coming to class was a pleasure and his lectures felt like they flew by as they were always interesting. Having a quiz every week was a bit stressful and they took me hours to study for, but they did keep me on top of the material. Also, the help videos were a life saver! My one complaint is the tests were always more difficult than expected. Going into the first test I was under the impression that it would be easier than the quizzes, but I found it to be extremely difficult and long. I did much better the second test, but it was still a tricky test. Overall though, this was definitely my most interesting class, and I feel like I truly learned the material which I can’t say about most classes. I will always remember this class and have a new appreciation for Back to the Future. Thanks for a fun semester!

He is a good professor, communicates the ideas well and always tries to make the course easy for students to understands. The only suggestion i have is to record a live lecture, because sometimes i couldn’t see what Dr. Celestin was writing.

Definitely made sure people paid attention without yelling at the class. Was willing to help students to do better in class

Puts great effort into the course

Michael Celestin is one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had. He was able to make Thermodynamics such a fun and interesting class to take. I love and appreciate the amount of time, effort and creativity he put into his quizzes. I also really enjoyed whenever he performed quick experiments in class to demonstrate the material we were learning.

Good guy, very entertaining, engaging, and all, but took too long to grade our test 2.

Great Teacher, Gives us all of the tools in order to pass his class, funny guy

Professor Celestin does his best to explain concepts in the simplest of ways, working multiple examples step by step. His themed version of the course and quizzes makes it very interesting. Awesome professor!

Dr. Celestin is for sure the best professor that I have ever had. I have never seen someone this motivated to teach and entertain students at the same time. His lectures are very informative and fun at the same time. He often brings cool demonstrations to class, which captures the students’ attention right at the beginning of the lecture. I also really appreciate the time he takes to record extra help videos every week. It is almost like he is teaching three lectures every week instead of two. In addition, whenever I went to his office he answered my questions in full and made everything clear. Also, Dr. Celestin provides us with all the tools (sample tests, sample quizzes, optional homework assignments, etc) we need in order to succeed in the course and is very clear about his expectations.

Great professor who proficiently teaches the course, is always willing to offer help whether in class, contacting him directly or through extra help videos. Ensures that students have a full understanding of the concepts, clearly states the objectives of the course and encourages learning through the use of fun demos.

Hands down best professor I’ve had. Cares a lot and knows a lot about what he teaches. The class is very tough but with how he teaches you will really learn and understand thermodynamics by the time you get out. Professor Celestin is very creative and always comes up with new ways to entertain the class and keep it engaging.

Great professor, makes things challenging, but for a good reason. Allowing student to browse through engineering courses will not teach them to think critically, which will be vital in the future. While things are challenging, he does a great job of giving student resources to learn the topics. I always hear good things about Dr. Celestin and I will recommend him to everyone in the future.

should be removed from his position and be made a janitor

Amazing professor, I always looked forward to going to class and he made learning the material very easy.

Dr. Celestin is the best professor that I have encountered at USF so far. A highly motivated and hard-working individual whose efforts are reflected in the superior performance routinely displayed. He possesses a unique ability to effectively teach the most difficult subjects.

Really enjoyed him as a teacher! He taught the material well and because of it, I felt like I understood the concepts well.

Emphasize concepts more often. There are a lot of rules to thermodynamics and it is difficult to keep track of it.